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Review ashampoo uninstaller 8 free download

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Review ashampoo uninstaller 8 free download

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Ashampoo UnInstaller FREE gets rid of software for you, and free of charge! Every new installation is carefully monitored and all system modifications logged. Ashampoo UnInstaller 10 deletes programs without leftovers and allows you to install, test and remove software without worries.

Ashampoo® UnInstaller FREE – Overview.

Clean uninstallations without logs Ashampoo UnInstaller 11 with critical log program installations and guarantee removal without leftovers. User Reviews. By comparing two snapshots before and after states , the program can detect even minute changes to your machine. In recent years, the software uninstaller has received various updates.


Review ashampoo uninstaller 8 free download.Ashampoo UnInstaller 10


Cat is the editor of TechRadar’s sister site Advnture. North America. Home Reviews Computing. TechRadar Verdict. Image 1 of 4. Cat Ellis. During my career I worked on creating customized installers for various types of business and consumer software and lots of bells started ringing when seeing Ashampoo Uninstaller in action for the first time. Unfortunately all my worries came true, as this approach works well only for simple applications, which do not require system reboots, and do not install other software so that they can function.

For example, LibreOffice is distributed as a self-extracting archive. Ashampoo Uninstaller detected the self-extracting archive as an installer and asked me to make an install log for it. All of a sudden my screen was filled with windows and prompts from Ashampoo Uninstaller, that was scanning the system and then asking me to save logs for the installations that took place.

The big trouble was that I could not keep the pace with which install log is for what application. There was no way for me to identify which is which and Ashampoo made no effort in giving me clues.

This is a huge problem as many applications are distributed as self-extracting archives. Ashampoo Uninstaller will simply be unable to cope with them successfully. Also, due to this approach, you should never use software like Ninite, to install applications. Ashampoo Uninstaller will consider them as one application being installed. Another big problem I encountered when installing Panda Internet Security , which requires a restart.

Therefore I had to revert back my system to a state prior to installing Panda Internet Security and then save the installation log before making the reboot. This was bad to begin with, as Ashampoo Uninstaller failed to capture all the changes made after the restart. The trouble continued when asking Ashampoo Uninstaller to remove the applications I just installed.

First, if an installation log is not created for an application, then Ashampoo Uninstaller simply asks you to remove it yourself, using its default uninstall functionality. If you have a log file of the installation, you need to load it and then the removal process begins. This is the equivalent of Ashampoo Uninstaller manually removing all the files, folders and registry keys it found during the installation process.

However, when removing LibreOffice things got messy. The installation log which I thought was for LibreOffice removed something else. Then, I uninstalled all the applications installed by LibreOffice, using all the install logs I created at that point. I was really confused at this point and I simply let Ashampoo Uninstaller do whatever it recommended. All the menus are displayed with clean and large-sized icons. Moreover, users can choose from light and dark themes. The latest version comes with an even simpler overview screen , which contains fewer statistics.

One of the most prominent features of the program is the ability to automatically track any changes made to the system. It also lets you reverse the changes to a previous date.

With several customization options , the program lets you log installations manually, considering you choose to deactivate certain features.

This lets you view important details, such as the number of new files added to the computer since a specific date, the time that was taken to install certain files, and the amount of space occupied by a program, and more. When you uninstall an app with this software, you get an option to automatically perform a deep scan for unwanted registries and residual files. Ashampoo Uninstaller Free lets you check the leftover files to delete everything irrelevant from your system.

For instance, all the system modifications, including registry keys and files, are fully reversible and tracked in real-time. The latest version gives more importance to the built-in snapshot feature, which lets users compare multiple system states. With graphics and charts, the program lets you understand their differences in detail. Also, the file remover now supports batch-uninstalling. This helps you save a good amount of time, and lets you delete multiple programs in one go. Most importantly, the easy-to-use PC cleaner optionally shreds redundant files that contain personal details or sensitive information.

Apart from the software removal feature, Ashampoo Uninstaller also includes multiple cleaning tools and system maintenance functionalities.

The latest version supports drag-and-drop uninstalls and a built-in installation guard , reworked for both routine system cleaning and program removal tasks. Users can also leverage custom filters, which provide more clarity about usage statistics and system health. In case your hard drive is about to get full, Ashampoo Uninstaller Free can help you identify certain applications you could remove.

In fact, this feature has allowed the developer to build a solid community , focusing on forums with useful information about leading Windows 10 applications. Ashampoo Uninstaller also comes with extra optimization features , such as a startup manager. Uninstall without leftovers. Windows only delete what default installations mark as delectable, which is very little! Leftover files, Registry entries, or invalid links frequently remain after default uninstallations.

These often cause errors or system slowdowns. The Ashampoo UnInstaller 11 license key locates and eliminates leftovers down to the last bite, thanks to sophisticated search and cleaning mechanisms!

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