Inducing the Creative Mood: Hot Young Filmmaker Seth Savoy Reflects on his
Early Influences & Creative Process


Seth Savoy had an incredible teacher in legendary actor Michael Shannon. When Seth directed the actor in his debut feature film, Echo Boomers, he felt it was like taking a masterclass in consistency. In this episode of Moment 2 Moment, the up and coming director reflects on the life that led him to filmmaking, the random meetings that changed his life, and why he was so enthralled by Michael Shannon’s every move. 


Seth Savoy is a cajun filmmaker who grew up in Arkansas. After a childhood spent going to the theatre with his parents, he segued into film, attending film school at Columbia College Chicago. His music videos have been featured on both VH1 and MTV2 and his debut feature film, Echo Boomers, premiered in 2020.  

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