Risk-Taking Maverick: How Legendary Music Video Director Marty Callner Still Builds
Castles in the Sky — and Why Keith Richards Bought Him Flowers For It.


Stevie Nicks is not a man, but no one told Marty Callner that before he met her. The esteemed director of comedy specials, music specials, and music videos has spent the better part of 40 years creating magic, both working with and discovering some of the biggest names in the world of music and film. From accidentally casting Steven Tyler’s daughter Liv Tyler in Aerosmith’s now iconic music video Crazy to a career changing encounter with Stevie Nicks, Marty Callner has created some of the most iconic and magical videos in rock and roll history and in this episode of Moment 2 Moment, he is here to share those stories with you.  

Have you ever wondered what tripping on acid for three months would be like? Then boy does revolutionary director Marty Callner has got an incredible story to tell you. Callner lived lavishly in Beverly Hills, working at HBO making millions when he saw what was one of the first modern music videos, and became obsessed with the art form. While most would feel that they had achieved success based on his monetary status at the time, Callner is a man infatuated with the art of directing and told his wife he just had to pursue this newfound passion, to which he gave up his seven figure job, and risked it all. After creating countless hit videos, working with MTV and Rock and Roll stars, touring with the insanely picky McJagger, creating what was to become the standard opening shot for comedy specials, and being viewed as a pioneer in the industry, it is safe to say he made the right choice. The engrossing stories and philosophies shared by Marty Callner in this episode of Moment 2 Moment are a must listen and will leave you speechless at the life this man has directed for himself.  


Born in 1950 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Marty Callner started working at the age of 9 so he could buy a bike and has spent the last 45 years shaping rock and roll history. He has worked with everyone from The Rolling Stones, George Carlin, and Fleetwood Mac to Whitney Houston, Pee Wee Herman, and Britney Spears. He has been nominated for 6 Emmys, 5 Cable ACE Awards and is the man who put George Carlin’s Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television on Television.  

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