A Cut Above: Award-Winning Editor Eric Kissack Reflects on the Challenges & Rewards
of Receiving Notes from Hollywood’s Brightest Stars (…Therapy Not Required)


Film editing may seem like a grueling job being stuck behind a computer all day to most, but accomplished film editor Eric Kissack exposes the true excitement behind the craft. Kissack has worked on countless famous productions such as Daddy’s Home and The Good Place, and was nominated for an Emmy for his work on the 2018 film Veep. Beyond his nomination and accolades he is so talented that for his short The Gunfighter, he recruited Nick Offerman who had made a deal with his wife never to star in shorts, but took the job anyways because he just had to be a part of it. In this episode of Moment 2 Moment, Kissack transports us into the job of film editor, and what working with acclaimed directors and actors such as Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlburg is like from the editor’s perspective. 


Eric Kissack is an Emmy and ACE Award nominated filmmaker who hails from New York City. His short film The Gunfighter won him 3 Best Director awards and took home the Best Short Film Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival. He has worked on films such as Daddy’s Home, Horrible Bosses 2, and Role Models and on television shows including the smash hits Veep and The Good Place. 

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