April 10, 2021

When The Going Gets Tough, 8x Champ
Tony Schumacher Gets Going


Tony Schumacher survived one of the worst accidents in drag racing history. His thoughts on it? Working an office job still terrifies him more. In this episode of Moment To Moment the most successful drag racer in NHRA history shares the importance of having a good team around you, growing up in the shadow of his father: legendary driver Don Schumacher. Buckle up, as Tony shares just what it feels like to power an engine that accelerates faster than any automobile, jet, or space shuttle ever invented. 

From his very first professional race where one of the best drivers in the world (Blaine Johnson) was killed, to his most recent crash in the middle of a pandemic, to having a military chopper full of soldiers in Baghdad delay take-off awaiting to hear how he performed in the now-famous “Final Run” race,  Tony Schumacher has raced under every condition known to man, is living to tell the tale with all limbs intact, and can’t wait to talk about what with 12,000 horsepower feels like on your face.


Raised in Illinois as the son of legendary drag racer Don Schumacher, Tony Schumacher spent much of his childhood around other professional racers. It’s no surprise then that he chose to pursue the same career path and became a professional racer in 1996. Today he has won the NHRA Top Fuel championship 8 times, a record number of wins. He has survived multiple crashes, including one of the worst seen in NHRA history, but has never let that stop him. He continues to race to this day and has no plans to let up any time soon. 

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