April 04, 2021

How Writer-Director Michael Corrente Drives
Academy Award-Winning Actors To Tears
— And Why They Love Him For It


What do you get when you combine late night theatre, a buck knife, and the New York City subway? A classic Michael Corrente story, that’s what. Equally comfortable as a Writer as he is a Director, Corrente has cemented his reputation as “an Actor’s Director”, by time & again having had the finest actors in America gravitate towards his projects. All told, the actors he has directed have amassed a combined total of 53 Golden Globe & Academy Award Nominations, earning 15 Golden Globes & 3 Academy Awards between them.

In this episode, the highly respected Writer, Director, and Producer recounts his experiences of growing up in Rhode Island’s mobbed up streets of Federal Hill — where street justice could be handed down swiftly & violently), through being saved from the allure of that life through his father capturing his imagination through world of cinema. And most inspiringly: how Dave Mamet’s groundbreaking play AMERICAN BUFFALO not only transformed Corrente’s life, but the unbelievable-but-true story that ultimately led to Mamet selecting Corrente to direct the film adaptation.

Join us as we find out how he began his longstanding friendship and collaborations with award-winning talents the likes of Peter & Bobby Farrelly (Dumb & Dumber, Outside Providence) and Terence Winter (Brooklyn Rules, Wolf of Wall Street), and Steven Soderbergh (Traffic, Ocean’s Eleven). And perhaps, a glimpse into why Michael Corrente was only the 2nd Director that master craftsman Alec Baldwin ever agreed to work with a second time — the first being, Martin Scorsese.


Born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Michael Corrente was destined to join the world of cinema. While his father may not have been able to read, his love of films was transferred into Michael as a young boy – and creating countless bonding experiences for the two of them. As with Martin Scorsese’s Mean Streets and Andrew Davis’ Stony Island, it’s no surprise then that Michael’s first film (Federal Hill) also paid homage to both neighborhoods that he grew up in, and a touching nod to his father as well. Since then, Michael has released a number of critically acclaimed films including Outside Providence, American Buffalo, and Loosies.

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